Jan 31, 2010

So You Think You Can DJ? – Track 4

So I've had some time to play around with my SL3 and I've been having some great fun with it. But with it I've been able to see that one of my turntables is fast. I set both turntables to pitch 0. Loaded the same song in the software and let it play. Beats were matched perfectly in the beginning but then I quickly see that something is wrong. I kept a mini-log of my findings.

:43 can hear a difference
4:00 beats near perfect opposite of eachother
6:30 near beat matching, but deck 2 is off but one full beat
10:21 deck 2 is off by almost two full beats.

So turntable one is fast. Bummer. So I just adjust the pitch to correct it right? So I though. I started to really think about this. I've been trying to mix records that were part of the Great Record Recording of 2009. If my turntables were messed up then (and they were I assume) then anything I recorded will be off too. So I started mixing songs that were straight up .mp3. Songs that I've either downloaded, or ripped from a CD. And guess what? Things are going much better.

So it's sort of a drag that I got all my records transfered to my computer, and mostly for this purpose, and I can't use them. I guess it's ok though. I can still load them on my iPod.


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