Jan 15, 2010

My tiny view on the Apple Tablet, and a nice timeline.

I have no interest for the rumored Apple tablet computer. Other than it might be a game changer in the computer industry. But because I have my head in so many technology blogs and podcasts it’s really hard not to read or hear about it at every turn. And because of my lack of interest, I haven’t really paid much attention to the who, what and when of all this. But I read this timeline on The Week of all of the important events regarding the Apple tablet. I think it’s fun to know how a potential game changer made its way to market. Found on the Linkpost 1.15.2010 article by trusted tech-head Dwight Silverman at The Houston Chronicle. (I’m linking to the article rather than posting it here so that I’m not sucking ad dollars from the original source. I’m kind like that.)

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