Aug 22, 2009

Saved By The Bell: Live blogging 8-22

Home for Christmas: Part 2. The gang help out the homeless family; and put on a play that closely resembles A Christmas Carol.

The kids Christmas play in the center of the mall, nothing but a shameless plug for Moody's Store For Men.

Nice. Episode two. "The Baby Sitters." Kelly has to watch her baby brother durnig the school day because the parents are snowed in at their ski lodge. Kelly has her cheerleading photo's today, so she enlisted the help of the others. Get ready for some crazy madcap antics here. Benny Hill style if I remember correctly.

Slater is once again wearing those hideous jeans that he sports so often.

Do they really expect us to believe that Zack has a baby in a gym bag?

Just spotted one of my favorite extras. Ponytail Meathead.

Word up! Ed Alonzo is here as the school photographer.

Can you believe that! Deadbeat Slater just ran out on Zack and the baby in the boys locker room. Joke's on him, Zack is using Slaters shirt to wrap up his baby junk.

The girls are in home-eck now and also have the baby. You can just see where this is going. And it's not going to be pretty.

Oh no! Screech tried to retrieve the baby from the girls, but took one of the dolls instead. Never seen that one coming. Now I know this is gonig to sound a bit "it's a show stupid" but wouldn't one know the feeling of a baby compared to a doll. And back from commercial beak, Lisa asks the same questions. I feel validated. That's the right word right? Whateve, don't care.

Geez, Zack is sure getting heated over a lost baby. Calm down freak.

Oh no again! Kelly is here and looking for the baby (Billy I guess his name is). Antics a-commin'! Complete with sped up film, zany piano music, and the gang going into locker A, and coming out in locker B. 

Billy is crying from beyond! They killed him! Oh wait, he's just chilln' with Mr. Belding and playing with the intercom.

Oh this is just awesome. You know I love to comment on Slaters "fashion." Right now he's got the same hideous jeans and rocking this pink/peach sleeveless tee-shirt. Tucked into the jeans of course.

I can just barely see the bottom of a school-made banner, just the bottom half. "See Nancy, Nature Club!" I'm joining. 

Fuck, I can't stand the "baby says first word" thing shows like to do. True to form, the first word is something the baby has only heard about five times today; Zack.'s over. I normal person would sit here for another 20 minutes offering up thoughts and ideas about what they just watched. Not me. 

Aug 15, 2009

Saved By The Bell: Live blogging 8-15

Looks like it's a very Christmas episode of Saved By The Bell.

Holy gross. Slater is shopping from Screech's closet. He's wearing this ugly brown with light brown print silk shirt, with bright red cords or denim, I couldn't tell.

Slater is only making $4.00/hour working as a gift wrapper. Weak. I guess the recession went back further than we all thought.

Ooooh! It's the one where the kids befriend this homeless guy and give him and his hot (by Zack's standards) daughter a better Christmas.

It's weird knowing that I've seen Screech's male member. And using in way his mother would not approve of.

Ha! Some tiny punk just told Jessie she was an ugly old bag. Another cast member making money using her goods.

...sorry, that's it. Being told I have to run to Target to pick up some items and breakfast and McDonald's. I hope to get all 60 minutes in next weekend.

Aug 12, 2009

Not really a real post, sorry.

Not really a post, just trying out this new share feature from Google Reader. But I really would like this.
Hibernate: "

Sleep at your 'dog house'! Called Hibernate, by Aimee Pegram. 'Sometimes we all just want to get aw..(more...)


Aug 9, 2009

Jessie's on the pill again.

So I think found my new best friend on Twitter this weekend, and it all started with Saved By The Bell. Jen Bun from Twitter and The Good, the Bad and the Lovely blog fame caught on to my tweets about the show (I was sort of live tweeting just like Ogre would say "Nerrrrrd!") and we started @ing back and forth about it. It was the best of times I tell ya. I'm looking forward to maybe being up at that time next week and live tweeting it again. I am a huge SBTB fan, I have the entire golden era on DVD. By golden era, I mean the proper show. Not the weird elementary school season, even though it did star Hayley Mills as their teacher. Or those God awful college years, starring that C-list celeb from The King of Queens.

Anyways, I was up early on Saturday and noticed that SBTB was on. It's been a long time since I watched that show on a Saturday morning, and it felt good. And it was on of my all time favorite episodes; the one where Jessie becomes addicted to pills! Oh No! This episode has everything. Jessie getting hooked on drugs, her and the other girls starting the singing group Hot Sundaes, Zack as a band manager, and Screech infiltrating the girls locker room. I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so... SCARED! What I wasn't so excited about was the thunderstorm that rolled in and knocked out my satellite signal before the big performance at The Max.

So, the point I'm failing to make is to virtually hang out with the Jen, you'll be a better person for it.