Apr 26, 2009

This is a good afternoon

I was going to try and tweet this, but I though it might get too long. Let me list what I have and why it's making for a good day.

My laptop. I've only had it for a couple of weeks now, but I still love not having to fight with my wife to use a computer. She spends a lot of time editing photo's, or posting new photo's to her various forums, or researching new models. Pretty much it's her photo machine. Now that I have my own computer I can do what I want. I'm still debating if I want to try and set-up an dual boot drive so I can install Linux. But I probably never will because I know what will happen. I'll get Linux set up, think I'm cool, then never really use it.

My puppy, because she's awesome. Well, she's really with me because H (the wife) is shooting today and Daphne (the puppy) is being a pain. But with me, she just curls up with me, and find a spot on the floor. Nothing special there, just regular old dog stuff ya know?

Awesome Goa mix. DJ Shoom & Mixtress Bloodwing - Herbal Remedies with Guest Deadly Groove (March 2008) to be exact. Really can't explain it, but it's good shit. Streaming it through my Xbox while I'm playing GTA4.

My Xbox, playing GTA4. Really, for the reasons above, just reversed.

Bottle of Ocean Spray Cran-Grape. I love the way it tugs at the hinges of your jaw when you take the first sip...so good! It's what I live for in a juice. A good red pasta sauce will do it to me too.

And to top it all off, H just told me that she'll be going out with the models to get some foods, and bringing me back some McDonald's.

This seems like one of those blog posts that people always make fun of when you tell them that you blog, or tweet for that matter. Here's what I'm doing, because you care kinds of things.

Well, that's it. Add all those up to make a great supertoyzian afternoon. bye bye!

post script: still can't figure out how to add tags to my post when publishing through Google Docs. Any help folks?

Apr 22, 2009


So my morning routine changed a few weeks ago. Not for the better or for the worse, but for the Top 40. I sit in my room, eating my breakfast, reading the morning Google Reader, happy with my thoughts. Then, at 5:15a the alarm goes off for my wife to wake up. She has it set to 101.3 KDWB. The stupid Top 40 station in our area. Top 40, who am I kidding, Only 40. This brings me to the song I heard this morning; Lady Gaga (I can barely even type that out, I hate her so much, what a stupid name). The track was Just Dance. The song is just your typical dance song meant to be played a million times on the radio, at clubs and where ever else they can pimp it out. The thing I really hate about it is that I feel there should be more words to it. As if she found this neat backing music but just couldn’t write anything good enough to sing about. So she just went with the overly typical “dance” lyrics. It’s like a pop singers easy button. Or a one answer Magic 8 ball. “Dear Magic 8 ball, I what should I sing about, what do you suggest?” Shaky shaky shaky….Dance. And the fucking chorus…do do do do just dance. Really? Maybe Pierre (sorry about the sideways camera, best version I could find) could have filled in for her, at least it would have been interesting. The rasta-rapping is the only good part about it, mainly because the lyrics take up the full space of the music. For me, she’s like my perpetual hate machine. I hate her, and really for no good reason, and that makes me hate her even more…and so on and so forth. She seems like that type of person who would name their child something really stupid, like Safety pin, or Light bulb.

Things have been going great for me at work. I have this strong feeling that I won’t be returning to the call center after my six month project (well, now five). I’ve been working with some folks who should be able to get me into something much more suited to my skill set. I mean, the two managers took me in their office and for 30 minutes just praised my good work and told me how much they want to help me advance. That’s good right? Something where I don’t have to repeat our company’s various policies to upset, confused, or just plain old pissed off people who call up because they have nothing better to do with their time. Something where I can take my brain off auto-pilot and use it for some good. More on that as it develops.

I continue to find the lady who sits behind me a tool. Case in point: I asked her to minimize a window on her computer so I could see what was going on with a process. She asked me how do I do that. What, really? Other than using a keyboard, that’s like the most basic thing you learn when you’re first learning how to use a computer. I don’t know how she’s gone this long, she’s been in her current role for a few years now, and must use a computer all day to complete her job functions. She just blows me away. Oh, and this had happened more than once.

I’m finding myself with much less concern to who I reach out to on Twitter. I used to have the feeling, much like I did in my school years, that I shouldn’t talk to people who I don’t all ready know. But now, I’m much more “fuck that, I’ll do what I want” because if they don’t reply, so what. I’ll most likely forget I even said anything around the same time the person contacted did. All though, I do have to give a shout out to my two Twitter rocks: Aimee and Cassi I know they’ll respond to a tweet of mine, and I don’t even have to ask! That of course is excluding family.

The lady who sits behind me just showed up for work. Glorious.


Apr 6, 2009

Why am I so special?

First: A question to any other bloggers out there. Do you generally have your whole post written in your head before you even sit down to write it? I do.

Anyways, I went to try the new soda machine they have where I work. This here is a mini story in it’s self. When it comes to new technologies or new fancy ways of doing things, I’m the first to try it out. But for some reason, I’ve held off on this one. Probably for this reason here. I went to try it, slid my card though, and the machine couldn’t communicate with the host; try again later. Fuck you soda machine. I’m heading down to the café where if they can’t get the card reader to work, the most likely will give it to you for free, or just ask you to come back and pay later, while letting you keep your item. O.k….I’m off track…get back on it I say…

I head down to the café, get my Coke, and wait in line. I catch the tail end of the conversation between the patron in front of me, and the check-out fella, named Brian.

Brian: “get used to this face, you’ll be seeing it all week.”
Customer: what happened to the regular check out girl?
Brian: “Let’s say it was self induced“

Then it’s my turn to pay (and get this, the card reader works just fine. Again I say fuck you soda machine.)

Me: “Self induced huh? Sounds interesting.”
Brian: “Well, I just didn’t want to say she was suspended”

So I asked myself, why would he tell me this, and not the other guy? I mean, I am a regular down at the café, but do you really want to go around telling people that your co-worker was suspended? I guess if you really don’t like them, then yeah. I thought I had some more self reflection here, but I guess not.

Oh, and my morning has just went from I’m happy to be at work, to I want the lady behind me to shut-up forever. I realize that both of those statuses can co-exist, but just roll with me on this one. It’s a down grade to my morning.