Apr 6, 2009

Why am I so special?

First: A question to any other bloggers out there. Do you generally have your whole post written in your head before you even sit down to write it? I do.

Anyways, I went to try the new soda machine they have where I work. This here is a mini story in it’s self. When it comes to new technologies or new fancy ways of doing things, I’m the first to try it out. But for some reason, I’ve held off on this one. Probably for this reason here. I went to try it, slid my card though, and the machine couldn’t communicate with the host; try again later. Fuck you soda machine. I’m heading down to the café where if they can’t get the card reader to work, the most likely will give it to you for free, or just ask you to come back and pay later, while letting you keep your item. O.k….I’m off track…get back on it I say…

I head down to the café, get my Coke, and wait in line. I catch the tail end of the conversation between the patron in front of me, and the check-out fella, named Brian.

Brian: “get used to this face, you’ll be seeing it all week.”
Customer: what happened to the regular check out girl?
Brian: “Let’s say it was self induced“

Then it’s my turn to pay (and get this, the card reader works just fine. Again I say fuck you soda machine.)

Me: “Self induced huh? Sounds interesting.”
Brian: “Well, I just didn’t want to say she was suspended”

So I asked myself, why would he tell me this, and not the other guy? I mean, I am a regular down at the café, but do you really want to go around telling people that your co-worker was suspended? I guess if you really don’t like them, then yeah. I thought I had some more self reflection here, but I guess not.

Oh, and my morning has just went from I’m happy to be at work, to I want the lady behind me to shut-up forever. I realize that both of those statuses can co-exist, but just roll with me on this one. It’s a down grade to my morning.

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