Aug 15, 2009

Saved By The Bell: Live blogging 8-15

Looks like it's a very Christmas episode of Saved By The Bell.

Holy gross. Slater is shopping from Screech's closet. He's wearing this ugly brown with light brown print silk shirt, with bright red cords or denim, I couldn't tell.

Slater is only making $4.00/hour working as a gift wrapper. Weak. I guess the recession went back further than we all thought.

Ooooh! It's the one where the kids befriend this homeless guy and give him and his hot (by Zack's standards) daughter a better Christmas.

It's weird knowing that I've seen Screech's male member. And using in way his mother would not approve of.

Ha! Some tiny punk just told Jessie she was an ugly old bag. Another cast member making money using her goods.

...sorry, that's it. Being told I have to run to Target to pick up some items and breakfast and McDonald's. I hope to get all 60 minutes in next weekend.


  1. that homeless guy's daughter was hot

  2. yourself! Sorry, but I'm just not a fan of long hair. And the way she had it styled just added to the mess.


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