Jan 8, 2010

Crazy 2012

Crazy 2012 spoke to me today. I believe it was her effort to dispel the rumor that she’s crazy, when in fact, it just confirmed it. I’ve known of her for years; as in I knew her name and face, that’s it. Then I was relocated to a new desk that’s just kiddie-corner to hers. My new neighbors filled me in on Crazy 2012. First of all, she’s a firm believer that the world is ending in 2012, hence my name for her. Out of the blue during a one-on-one with her supervisor (who happens to me mine as well) just spouts off "You know that the price off eggs in Alabama are 2 cents cheaper now." And you just get this nutty vibe when you're around her.

So this afternoon I'm walking down the hallway with all the microwaves for heating up your lunch near the cafeteria. I have my headphones in so that people DON'T talk to me, but that didn't stop her. She stops me and just wanted to introduce herself. O.k., that's was nice. I said my nice to meet you's and whatever and I thought that would have ended it. Nope. "I just wanted you to know that Rick (he shares the two person desk with her, and is also weird, but with reason) and I are good people. We've been here over ten years and we're good people no matter what any one else says." I nod and tell her "Of course you are" and head on my way.

I always thought she was kind of off, but now I think she's full on nuts. Who just stops you like that to tell you that I'm good, not matter what other people think. Wack jobs, that's who.

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