Nov 24, 2009

I recorded records.

Wow, it's been a while since I thought I had something to say. And it will be much longer too because I never have much to say about anything. I finished up my record recording project. I took about 50 of my best trance, acid trace, house, drum-n-bass, dance and hardcore records and transferred them to my computer. The Process: 1. Played the record and used the simple sound recorder app on my Linux machine. 2. As that was recording, I was taking photos of each side of the record so I could pair them up later to the finished .mp3. I never used my cell phone camera so much. 3. Also, while the record was recording I was transferring the raw audio from the Linux machine to my Windows laptop. Once it was transferred I loaded it up in my audio editor to remove the level check and the little clicks where I was dropping the needle. I had to do the Linux to Windows transfer because my laptop does not have the correct sound card for quality recording. 4. Once I had all the photos cropped, and the audio trimmed I loaded the .mp3's into my tag editor. From there I could get all the ID3's created and attach the photos to each song. 5. When all the tags were correct, I uniformly renamed all the files to match the record as best possible. Artist - Side. As in Busta Rhymes - A. I don't care about the name of the song, just what side of the record I was listening to. I did this so I could listen to my records on my iPod. I want to know these records like I know most songs on my computer. I've been trying to play DJ for years but was always getting frustrated because I could never get the mix right. Mainly because I didn't know the song well enough. And if all things work in my favor, I won't need the records anymore. I'm looking into buying hardware that will allow me to control my .mp3's using my turntables. (Let it be known I still hate the WYSIWYG editor for blogger)

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