Feb 1, 2010

Water, Ice and a cup.

The new ice and water machine at work is a joke. Old machine had an optical sensor for both the water and ice. Just hold your cup up, and out it came. The ice was a nice fine crush and flowed at a decent rate. The ice funnel was small enough that just about any cup or water bottle could capture the ice. And the water, well, nothing to brag about there. Just a metal straw that put the water in the cup. The new machine rains down ice CUBES like there were a couple monkey’s up in the machine throwing down the ice, intentionally trying to miss your cup. The funnel is so large that you need a big gulp cup to catch anything. And the water seems like there is something obstructing that flow. It’s not a nice steady stream but like somebody has their finger up the nozzle and it’s just splashing wherever.
The old one was nice and to the best of my knowledge worked just fine. Maybe they just needed to replace it so it matched all the other new chrome items that were just installed.

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