May 9, 2009

Facebook Dance

Yeah, go head and tell me a better song that Safety Dance from Men with Hats. You can't! It's an impossible challenge. Well, this might do it.

This week in supertoyz history: I joined Facebook. Well, let's be real here. I joined sometime last year; but just to view somebody else's profile. Logging a total of 15 minutes prior to this weeks revival of my account. I didn't know that almost everybody on my fathers side also has a Facebook account. Guess I was late to the party. I'm still having a time trying to manage what info I want to send via Twitter, and what I should send via Facebook. I guess that's only for me to figure out.

Later today...later as in right after I post this. I'm going to teach my brother how to use Google Reader. I'm always asking him about this comic we both enjoy but he response is always the same. Oh, I forgot to check it. He then tells me that he has about seven other comics he reads but they all update at different time so he's always missing them. Is this not a call for help? Reader to the rescue! His excuse so far is that he doesn't know how to work all that stuff. I think I have about 70 or so feeds in my reader, so I think I'm qualified to show him.

I think that's all I have for today. Cookies for breakfast. Good day.

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