May 19, 2009

I want my money man!

If you haven't gathered from my Twitter posts, or you just don't follow me, let me explain a bit more in detail for you here in 2,298 characters. Some fuck face stole our money. Over $800 worth.

H just finished shooting a local punk band and was leaving the parking ramp. She was paying with her bank card but the diy machine wasn't working. The shifty clerk said that he could do it for her. She gave her card to fuck face and he ran it through. H and her passenger both noticed he was a bit shocked when she asked for her receipt. He gave it to them and they were on their way.

About 5 o’clock that evening, she got a call from Visa, telling her that there has been some suspicious activity on her card and would like to go over the pas transactions with her. Most of them, we not hers.

Fuck face (or his fuck associates) did this:
Shoe store $350+
Gas station $100.00
Another gas station $100.00
Back to the shoe store $250+

Fuck face (or his fuck associates) also went to McDonalds and a grocery store, but by that time the card had been shut down. And we can only assume that the $100.00 from the gas stations are phone cards, something of that sort. Or the fucker drives a Hummer.

So what I thought was going to be a nice lazy, video game Sunday, quickly changed to a fix this problem Sunday. We went to the bank, and told them about the situation. They were quite helpful and really knew what they were doing. That unfortunately means this happens all to often to other folks. They closed our account, and opened up a new one for us. Their fraud investigations team is also looking into this so they can return that $800+ back to us. In the meantime, my mother gave us $300 to repay some bills that were scheduled to be paid online on Monday. So far, every other company that we had to deal with has been pretty willing to help. Waving late fees and stuff like that.

Yesterday H filed a police report. Police person said that because she filed, the bank almost has to waive all fees, and pay us back the missing $800+. At least, that's what I hope I heard. If the police can find this guy, she is most defiantly going to press charges. She's going to get all Michael Douglas on this fuck face.

Today is better. Our new account seems to be fully active now, so bills can start getting paid again.

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