May 11, 2009

Computer woes Sunday

So yesterday something just less than drastic happened. From what I can tell, the Windows boot file was somehow corrupted beyond repair. That is, if I could have repaired it. Since the boot file was corrupt, I couldn't even get into Window. The computer would just keep restarting during the boot screen. It did that for about 40 minutes; that's when I decided that I needed to do something, and it wasn't going to be pretty.

I researched as much as I could, and all signs pointed to a reinstallition of Windows. Crud. I didn't really mind this option at the time, because last time it just reinstalled Windows. All the other stuff was saved. My Doc, installed programs and settings. All the good stuff. This time, it reformatted the whole drive. Super fuck. There was only a couple of things I would have wanted to save. The entire website was on that drive, the settings for the templates we use to build the site and the photo gallery part of it and the many Photoshop settings she uses for her work. Many of witch would have been really hard to reproduce. You know once you get used to something, you tend to stay with it, and forget how you got it. By some miracle, each one was backup or recoverable in one way or another. This was a big bonus. H was in tears when she thought we have lost everything.

But as I type, she is over on her reformatted computer editing photos from this past weekend. As I can tell, it's back to normal. Well, almost. It seems sort of slow. And none of the Microsoft items installed. The Office 2003 trial, MSN, Outlook...things like that. Doesn't bother us too much though. Other than Windows, we don't really use any other Microsoft products.

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