May 27, 2009

A man, a pizza and a bus on the news.

I was coming up from the first floor of my apartment building with some finished laundry and I noticed a guy sitting on the outside steps. He was just sitting there with a pizza box (and I assume a pizza inside) and a 20oz of Hawaiian Punch. Once I made it up to my place I could see him from my window and he was just sitting there, eating away. Then I noticed a bike (a bike, not motorcycle) parked on the street, just like you would a car or whatever. I had nothing better to do so I just watched. Pizza man finishes up, hops on the bike and takes off. Now, I’ve never seen this guy before so my deduction is that he was hungry, needed an address and chose the first building he saw. I guess pizza joints don't deliver if your address is the bike parked on Main St. Weird stuff.

Also, I may have made it on the local morning news. The WCCO morning news is set up much like NBC’s Today show, where there newscasters sit in front of a window and you can see the city happening behind them. There is a ton (yes, 2,000 pounds worth) of road construction going on in Minneapolis so my bus had to detour. It just happen to do it on the street that passes by the news window. My luck they were on a commercial break.

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