Jan 2, 2009

A new year, because I should.

I just wouldn’t be the responsible half-ass blogger that I am if I did post some kind of new years post. As I’m writing this on day two of 2009, that should show you how much I really care about it. And the fact that I even gave it a thought to write about it just a few minutes ago should say a lot. What I did for New Years Eve: I didn’t have to work, either did H (the wife. Have I established that yet?). She had a photo shoot so I had some time to myself. Played video games for the most part. Started to fill my queue on my new membership to Netflix. I’m finding out that it’s hard for me to just know what I want to watch, rather than just aimlessly wondering around Hollywood Video, looking at all the pretty boxes. Totally judging the movie by it’s cover. I leave it to H to read the back and tell me if I’m going to like it. Some how she much better at that than I am. Anyways, back on task. After the shoot we watched some Cold Case Flies on A&E and some of the Twilight Zone marathon that was on the Sci-Fi channel. My gosh, do those people know how to but on a marathon or what! I mean, I recorded them all with the DVR, and now have over 70 episodes. It will take us a good four months to tackle all of those. As is the norm lately, H fell asleep. That gave me time to watch the Wild play a great game and beat those pesky San Jose Sharks. H woke up and we watched some more Cold Case and before we knew it, it was 11:55p. It was also time for me to take the dog out. So, I spent my first few moments of the new year watching the dog do her business. Is this a bad omen? My new year is going to be shit? Lets hope not. New years aspirations? I guess I have one. Start building for a good 2010. I want 2009 to be the year we got caught up. We were just skimming by in 2008, but with the loss of H’s car, that allowed us to get some breathing room and start paying off some credit cards. I all ready got rid of one of my student loans. Only two more to go! Now that I think about it. If all goes right. We can catch up in 2009, and maybe in 2010 get out of our apartment and into a house or town home. Now that would be nice. Wow, re-reading my post, it seems really scatterbrained. Oh well, I don’t care. Eat It! Hehe….yeeeeah…word. I wanna dedicate this post to my cock. O.k. o.k…..enough channeling Marky Mark. You Belong To Me

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