Jan 28, 2009

Guess I didn't have a Target on my back.

I’m not sure how far the news reached, but I’m sure it was a national story.

My employer, Target, laid off about 1,000 employees yesterday at 8:45a. It was a weird day in the office. It started out like normal. Just sitting at my desk catching up on my blogs and other internet things waiting for the phone calls to start. If I haven’t mentioned it before, I work in one of the very prestigious call centers. Glamorous work I tell ya. But really, I’m glad I still have it. Around 8:15a everybody, and I mean everybody got an email from the boss man, Terry Scully, President of Target Financial Services.

That right there made me wonder. We never get email right from him. Usually it's from his admin or some other corporate email account and signed by him. All it really said was there was an important announcement and every body should meet in the common meeting place for their floor at 9:00a. That too, was a red flag. They never have everybody meet at the same time like that. Especially the call center part of our building. Got keep some folks on the phone you know.

Around 8:50 my heart really got racing. I had a feeling what the meeting was and I was having one of those life flashing before you type of moments. If I lost my job, well, you can imagine it wouldn't be good. So, let's see...my bosses boss boss boss is the one who delivered the news. The meeting was at 9:00a, she said that everybody who was affected was notified at 8:45a that morning. So I was quite relieved. After that, I've never heard a call center so quiet. Even people who were on a call were quiet.

Slowly things got back to normal. Until I saw this girl who sits pretty close to me cleaning out her desk. Then it really hit home for me. I wasn't friends with her, but I will never see her again. She seemed in good spirits though. That was good to see since I have never seen this girl smile, until yesterday. Throughout the day I got IM's from former co-works who are now in other Target locations asking me if I was let go and how the rest of the department fared.

I guess this is where I reflect. I don't really want to though. I know a few others who got the boot yesterday. Yes, it sucks for them but I don't really feel to much for them. I wasn't that close. I guess this is a good argument for myself for why I don't have many friends. It's by design, not that I couldn't have any if I wanted to. Or maybe I can't, and I just say this to fool myself. I don't know. I have my two friends, Brother Dan and my wife H. They are the two I care the most for. Yes yes, I care for my other family too, but I don't really connect with them like I do with Dan and H. I wish Dan had kept up with his web site so I could link to it. It was going to be rad.


Right now, I'm listening to Rage Against The Machine - I'm Housin' (Live)


  1. Hi, I read that you had the same problem I do with the email being added to your rss feed. Did you ever figure out how to remove that?

    Thanks, Barbara

  2. Hi Barbara! Thanks for stopping by. If I remember right, in your Blogger.com profile, you can set the option to show your email address. Make sure the box is unchecked. That should do it.

  3. It is checked but it is still not right. My email is shoing up only on feeds. It looks like this:

    Posted by Myemailaddy (Barbara)

    I saw yours was the same and no one seems to know how to remove the email. I just want it to say:
    Posted by Barbara

    Sorry if I'm being a pain, but you were the only one who shared the same issue.

  4. Oh and one more thing, when I unchecked it it still comes up in the rss feed just as:

    Posted by noreply@blogger.com (barbara)


  5. Sorry Barbara, wish I could be more help. Noreply@blogger.com is kind of where left it for mine too. I did some other searching and asking but nobody either understands what I was asking, or how to fix it. I figured as long as my email isn't just floating out there, I'll just have to live with the noreply.


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