Jan 23, 2009

Tim & Eric short post.

Since I don’t have much that happens in my life, I should at least write about this. I don’t really feel like it right now, but if I don’t, I’ll forget. Man, I write a lot of bullshit before I get to my actual post don’t I? Me and the brother Dan went to see the Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job! 2009 Tour last night at the Pantages Theatre. It was a great show. Just as funny as the television version, but with more excitement. I compare TAEASGJ to country music. You either love it or hate it. It’s very weird and random, and sometime you just don’t know how to feel about what they’re doing. But that’s the fun of it. It was nice to be in a theatre full of people who “get it.” That’s it for T&E. If you want more detail, comment and I’ll respond. Wow, that seems like a really lame request. But I’m lazy today. After the show I only had my credit card on me and thought I could use that to pay for the parking. Nope, cash or check. So now I have to send them $5. Really? Do I need to do that? They didn’t get my ID or anything, at it was my brothers car I was driving. I guess I should, I’d hate for him to get messed up with city parking because of me. And it’s only $5, no biggie right? Listening to Gordon Lightfoot…in my head. Now, back to reading my recap of American Idol on Television Without Pity.

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