Jan 4, 2009

The Deets! and the Olds.

I first started to write about the new challenge set forth by Mr. Ed Kohler from TheDeets. But then I over heard the olds starting to chatter. And it made my skin crawl.

First, TheDeets. (what is a Deets anyways? Like twiddley dittley deet? I should ask…someday) Ed sent out a message asking for his readers to start blogging about what they are passionate about. This is a great idea. I wish I would have thought of it first. And even if I did, I wouldn’t have posted it because I’m lame. Maybe I could have sold it to Ed! I’ll have to do that next time. Anyways, back to task. The few things I am passionate about I don’t know enough about, or it’s just to mind blowingly boring that I couldn’t even stand to blog about it. Like for instance, I love me a jigsaw puzzle. But what am I going to say about that? Hey, I fit three pieces in 15 minutes. Yay! The one subject I know so well is my job. But I can’t really blog about that because so much of what I do is for company eyes only. They would have a fit, like a fire me fit, if I were to get all loose lipped about it. Great…now I’m actually thinking about it. Like, take a photo for each piece I fit. No, I couldn’t do that. That would just be too much. And I know I would forget some photo’s too. And I don’t have a real camera, just my cell. O.k….maybe. When I’m done with my current puzzle, and if I remember, I’ll maybe do it.

Now, to the olds. The olds here at work just spent the last five minutes talking about their toe nails and the fungus associated with them. Operations they’ve had to remove them. How they are starting to curl into them selves. Oh, and that a good pair of wire cutter will do the trick for anything ingrown. We have such a small crew on the weekend that I can’t help but over hear what they talk about. Oh my! You can get two pounds of banana’s if you buy two of something else. I didn’t quite get that last part of the deal. Nor am I going to go any further with it.

Slave To Love


  1. Sounds like you've hit the mother lode for Overheard in Minneapolis contributions.

  2. Oh gosh, you think I should post that? I don't think I could. 1)I don't remember the exact conversation. 2) Gross.

  3. Nobody should be talking about toe fungus at work. Eww!

  4. Thanks for swinging by the blog. Not sure if you clicked from Steve in a Speedo (http://iwannagetphysical.blogspot.com/), but he's all about the toe pics if you need something to fit in with the old people at your work. :o)


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