Jan 25, 2009

Another episode of The Olds

The Olds are back at it again here in the office. I’m trying to read my recap of The Office on TWoP and they start going off about Whoopi Goldberg. “Doesn’t she ever want to look even a little bit feminine? It offends me as a woman that she never dresses like a woman.” Said the female Old. They were commenting about her and the inauguration, somehow that switched to her and Barbra Walters and The View. From The View, I lost interest. Even for the purposes of writing about it, I just couldn’t handle listening to conversation about The View. Topic has now moved over to Franken v. Colman. Strong Franken support over here. I’ll tune into that conversation once an official announcement about a winner turns up. So, I guess I’ll be waiting for a while on that. Fine by me.


  1. TWoP just isn't the same since Bravo purchased it. Shame really. It used to be great.

  2. I agree X-Country. For the most part, I feel the writing is the same, but all the extras are just too much.


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