Feb 5, 2009

ramble ramble

So this is what I was afraid of when I got it in my head that I wanted to start blogging. One day I would just have nothing. That day has come. Nothing worth chatting about has come through my life. Right now I have 11 followers on Twitter. That’s 11 more than I thought I ever would. That makes me think, why did I hook up with Twitter in the first place? Maybe just for fun. Maybe just to see what would happen. Maybe to cross promote my blog. Not sure really. How about you tell me. My Google Reader has been backing up. As of now, 260 unread items. I usually have to keep it at 50 or less before I feel comfortable. My job has me working too much to catch up. Weird right? Working at work. Oh! This is news, for me. I’m getting my wife a gift for Valentines Day. She’ll be receiving a brand new hatchet! She’s on her own to get the chocolates. She knows what she wants better than I do. This is news because I never get her anything. I think this is the dumbest, made-up holiday out there. Right next to Independence day. (yeah, that was a joke. But because I have to explain it, it’s a lame joke. But hell if I’m going to delete it!) It’s 7:35a. I’m eating some M&M’s. How sad. My over-the-wall cube mate gave me and my shared desk cube made to bags of the 14oz. M’s. She’s awesome. I’m fatter. We’re all happier for it. Now, 270 unread items. I have to go catch up.


  1. I can't do twitter. It's amazing I still have a job with the amount of blogging I do. Plus, I have serious rejection issues. I know no one would follow me. It's the same reason I don't have a facebook account.

  2. Just as I was coming in from walking the dog, I was thinking how much I've been slacking on my tweets. I know how you feel about keeping your job and blogging. I do 95% of my blogging and blog reading at work. Good thing I work in a call center where the work comes to me. Same here with Facebook. I would get no love, and only teasing from the wife.


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