Feb 13, 2009


I tend to think I'm pretty smart when it comes to things with the internet, but I'm just not getting this one.
I opened up Google Reader at 4:47p (box 1).
Looks like the post was posted at 4:02p (box 2).
Somehow my Hulu show was added to my queue at 8:21p (box 3).
Unless the Hulu servers are in another time zone, but I still don't understand how it was be almost 30 minutes off.
Any thoughts gang?
Things I'm doing right now:
Doing: typing up my blog and checking Twitter
Foods: Just finished up my Jimmy Johns sandwich.
Drinks: My Coke is now empty, I think I might have another.
Ears: Listening to Nightwish. I just can't get engouht of this group, and the symphonic metal genre in general.
Feeling guilty: Because I want to eat the cocolate I got for H for V-day. I won't though, I got myself some Oreo's. But, I have to pace myself.
Will be doing in five minutes: Making a cheesey V-day card for H, then off to watch 30 Rock from Netflix and work my puzzle.
Side note, I really hate drafting my posts in Blogger's WYSIWYG editor.


  1. Google reader outsmarts me nalmost daily, so I'm no help what so ever.

  2. Aww X-Country2...you just left me a comment because you seen your blog listed in my subscriptions didn't ya?


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