Feb 10, 2009

I found a puddle

I was taking Daphne out for her last bathroom break for the evening. She’s a little princess and doesn’t like to walk in the puddles that collect on the sidewalk near my apartment. Yeah I know, puddles in Minnesota in February? And rain! Even weirder is that there is ice that lines the sidewalks. I decide to follow Daphne around the water because I have my dog walking shoes one. They have holes in the heal. Most water is kept out of the shoe, but if I really force the issue, I’ll get wet feet. I figure, I’ve been doing this walking on ice thing for 29 years, I can avoid the water no problem.” I forgot that when you have ice, and add water, it gets very slippery. So, I slip and drop my ass right into the inch deep puddle we were trying to avoid. Of course, sure footed Daphne did just fine. I laid there for a bit mumbling curses to myself. I get up to see that I had let go of her leash, but like a good dog she stopped and waited for me. Funny moment, she came back for me, but stopped right at the edge of the puddle. Not even I, the great dog master, am good enough for her to wade though the water to me. I take a few steps toward her and realize that I feel much taller. Damn, My glasses fell off. How the hell am I going to find them in the dark, and not step on them while searching. Well, no need to concern myself, I found them pretty fast. On the way back, it was sort of fun splashing through all the water. I was all ready wet so I didn’t really care. As I am undressing from my wet cloths, I see that my jacket has some mud caked on it. Crap, it’s not mud, it’s crap. I clean that up and all is well, aside from a sore, wet butt. Holy hot mess I am long winded.

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