Nov 24, 2008

Great Sunday!

O.k….Work wasn’t that bad this weekend. Saturday was sort of busy, but nothing we couldn’t handle. Sunday though, Sunday was a good day. Work was really slow, as in I took four calls in two hours. So I asked my manager if I could go home early and he said sure. So I was out at 11:30a. So the wife and I decided to go run some errands together and get something to eat. While I was waiting for her to get ready, my mother called and asked if I wanted to get my Christmas gift early. We all ready decided that it was a nice new 26 in LCD TV a few months back, but I had no idea it was going to be mine that day…super duper! She also paid for lunch too. So now here is where the fun begins. With the new TV, I’m taking the smaller (19 inch LCD) TV that was in our living room and putting that into my room. See, my wife is a photographer and does a lot of nude stuff. As you can guess, the models don’t really want me around while the shoot is going on, and neither does my wife. So now, I can go to my room and do all sorts of things! Play on my Xbox, play with my turntables, work my jigsaw puzzle or just watch a movie. This was the whole reason of getting a two bed room apartment, so I can have my own romper room. Normally I would just sit and work my puzzle. That’s fine and all, but I can’t sit there on my hard folding chair for too long. Oh yeah, and the Wild lost Saturday. 2-1 to the Columbus Bluejackets. Booooo! What the hell is a bluejacket anyways? She and Mrs. Jones

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