Nov 10, 2008

Wet and Wild weekend

Well, after another not so exciting weekend, I only have a few items to report. Friday: H (my wife) went to see her little brother in a school play. That was awesome because it gave me a change to catch up on NHL 09 and listen to what she calls "eh" music. I love it though so who cares? FIGHT THE POWER! Actually it was Icon of Coil, Crystal Method and Fluke. Not really your FIGHT! type of music. School plays aren't really my thing, but I kind of wished I went because it sounded pretty fun. It was a collection of Shakespeare plays all mashed together. The fun part came with how the executed some of the "special effects". When the girl had to cry, a stagehand came out with a spray bottle and gave the girl a few shots in the face. Or the balcony scene was the actress perched atop a stagehands shoulders. Saturday: H had a photoshoot at our apartment. She does mostly nude shoots so that means I'm not allowed to watch or really show myself at all. So I hide in my room and play around. I spent most of the time mixing records. You know, the whole two turntables and a microphone thing, without the microphone. It was pretty cool. I could do no wrong, everything I put down was mixing with ease. That was until I ran out of records around the 140 bpm range. Then I went to listening to the iPod and working on my jigsaw puzzle. After that it was a trip to the Olive Garden. I've been reading around where people think the OG is a lame Itallian eatery, but I don't care, I've had "real" Itallian food and it was just too much for me. Too fancy I guess. After the OG, we rented a couple of bad movies. We knew they were bad going in so our expectations were not so high. Jeepers Creepers 2 and a remake of April Fools Day. Jeepers was bad because they invloved the bad guy too much. In the first Jeepers, he was mostly a creepy voice over a CB radio. In part two, the bad guy looses most of the creep factor by showing himslef too much. The bitchey boyfriend was funny though. April Fools was just a bad movie overall. The first had an interesting concept with a fun twist at the end. This weak remake took 40 minutes to even start looking like the original. And when it came to the twist part, it looked more like the actors had rehearsed this scene about 30 times, and it was take 30 they used. Just no excitment to it and quite bland. I also watched my beloved Minnesota Wild lose to Vancover. 2-0...boooo! Sunday: Lazy day. I thought I was going to stay in the whole day, but we wanted Subway. Other than that, H slept most of the day. That gave me a chance to make the site changes she we discussed ealier. It's all new! Also wathed the Minnesota Viking completely crush the Packers. got me. It was 28-29 victory for the Vikes. At some points it was looking like a crushing was a coming, but no. And the Vikings only won because the Paackers missed a feild goal with just second left in the game. After that NASCAR time. My man Dale Jr. did pretty well the whole race, witch is unussual for him. Usually he starts strong, and fades to 10th or lower in the second half of the race. I think he came in 3rd or 4th. Good for him. Monday: I'm at work now writing this latest entry. I'm off to get doughtnuts and juice. Doggie Tom

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