Nov 5, 2008

Go Blue! and Go Marcie!

So, the elections were last night. Mr. Obama won, and I'm happy. We're still waiting for our senate race to be decided. Coleman beat Franken by less than 800 votes so that means it's automatic recount time. I don't get that part. All of our votes were read by this scanner machine. Did the machines get it wrong? Won't a recount turn up the same results? I'm sure there is much more behind it, but I'm not looking too deep into that. I'm sure one of my podcast or blogs will explain it better than I could research it.
In other news, my friend won her class in this fitness comp she was in at Myth Nightclub in St. Paul. Well, she's more my wife's friend so I don't have all the specifics. And I didn't go to the event either. Shows what kind of friend I am huh? Anyways, she won and that's cool. Story goes that she did this just to prove to herself that she could. Now she's going back to being just fit, not all ripped and shit. I'm happy about that. I liked her better when it still looked like I could take her in a fight. 
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