Oct 31, 2008

Survivor and more!

I love reality shows. Hold up, I love "reality" shows. We all know most of these shows are as much about reality as pro wrestling is the real deal. Does that make sense? Whateve, you know what I mean. I'm guessing it's about 60% real. I'm watching the current season of Survior and I'm really rooting for Team Awesome (Kota). The reason I bring this up is because I follow the recap of the show from TWoP, written by my new best friend Sara. She who I've never met, has never met me (far as I know) or even knows I exist. But that's o.k., we don't have to know each other. I really just love reading her recaps and blog. But there is one flaw in my new BFF. She's rooting for Team Not-So-Awesome (Fang) and also thinks that Jeff (TV Host) is against them and is only assisting with their downfall. That may be true. But in my defense (because somebody is attacking me right?), I've been cheering for Kota from day one. I think I'll do my own recap of the show. Kota won both challenges, Sugar went to Exile Pond and Ace got the boot. If I know one thing about Sara, she's as happy as I am about that. Oh, and the look on Mattys face was priceless. Like, banana: .50. green ball on my work desk: 1.00. Matty after he knows his only pal was duped by his fake girlfriend: priceless. Oh, and Dan who my wife thinks looks like Nick Lachey, also got the boot in a surprise double eviction! On a side note, Bob is awesome. I'm also a hockey face. The Wild lost last night 2-1, bummer. ha! I really meant to say hockey fan, but somehow typed out face. I'm keeping it there, my simple giggle for the day. Once my work day gets jumpin' there won't be many more. Undress and Possess

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