Dec 1, 2008

Nine Inch Nails and a broken car

Last Tuesday I went to the Nine Inch Nails show at the Target Center, way cool. Our seats (my brother was with me) were not so great, but we still had a great time. We were on the very last row of seats before the start blocking them off; otherwise you’d be looking behind the stage. That it’s self wasn’t so bad, but the was this big light rack right in our view. That mega sucked because it blocked our view of the drummer. If nothing else we want to watch him. Other than Trent jumping around like a madman, the drummer if the most active of the band. Of most bands really. We also couldn’t see the light show very well that I’ve heard so much about, but we got the gist of it. My wife on the other hand, was on the floor with her friend. I tried my darndest to trade with her, but she was having it. Good for her too. She meet up with a couple of friends there, one of which had some back stage passes. If you know my wife, and it would be odd if you did, she has wanted to meet Trent for a long time. He’s the one guy she would leave me for, or so she say. Ha, I kid, or do I? So get goes back stage and wait for over an hour. She meets the other band mates but Trent is a no show. Now, as is par for H (my wife), she hates him now and forever. That’s too bad, but she still loves his music. In other news, H got in a car accident Saturday evening on the way back from the Mall of America. She was with her brother and two of his friends. Everybody is o.k. so that’s a plus. What’s not a plus if that it took her car out of commission. Old guy in a big Ford F-200 or something like that. I know crap about cars, but it was one of those big pick-up trucks. Anyways, Old guy (with drunk plates) claimed he sneezed and took his foot off the brake while heading to a red light. That caused him to smash into the left rear door of her car (2004 Ford Taurus) and ricochet into another car. Tow truck guy and the cop said her car is totaled. So right now we’re waiting for the insurance people to look at it and let us know what our next step it. Nothing like some Monday morning anticipation! …and this just in…H hates driving my car. Shocker! (2002 Olds Alero) LSD=Truth

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