Jul 23, 2009

GTA + Doom = Love

Both me and my brother love the game Doom. Hell, we were rocking Wolfenstein before there even was a Doom. We also loved Grand Theft Auto. Again, before the fancy GTA that most games know and love, we were rockin it old skool. Of course we're both lovers of the new style too. So I had this great idea. Put the two best games out there together. A dollar to the developer who gets it done, and done right.

Here's the email exchange, hashing out all of the critical details.

Me: Know what would be fun? Doom in the GTA environment or GTA in the Doom World.

Brother Dan: Doom in the GTA environment would be best. of regular gta but with doom enemies. cruising down streets in a fast car dodging pinkies that have the mass of cars themselves, flying the choppers while cacodemons hurl fireballs at you from around skyscrapers and lost souls constantly buzz you. I think it would be freaky cool to be speeding in a car, hit look back and see flaming skulls screaming and chasing you.

Me: Damn, you make it sound really fun. When I wrote that I was half falling asleep and really didn't think it through. Picture me and you, both flying around in Annihilators battling a Cyberdemon. Or better yet, Doom in the GTA: San Andreas so we have the fighter gets. Just streaking in formation laughing missiles are them. NRG-900 and using the 2x barrel shotgun from TLAD taking down Imps in Star Junction. I'm quitting my job, you're stopping school. We're going to make this.

Brother Dan: From the makers of Transcontinental RV Derby Across America comes the latest in genre-splicing entertainment: Grand Theft DOOM-O

Me: Love it. I need more magnet balls. I'm going to form a DOOM-O figure for our big release.

Brother Dan: I think the box art should be a side view of you in your slightly beat up muscle car cruising down the evening downtown street, flaming wrecks and bodies motion blurred in the background, and you're leaning out your busted window pointing your uzi behind you at the lost soul screaming and chasing you, flame from its head trailing long behind it. and the missions in the game could be survivalist groups and military outposts recruiting you to clean up areas, retrieve "prisoners" or technology from the enemies, find a new place to make camp or reconnect with another outpost, stuff like that

Me: Wow, if I had better photoshop skills I would so make that happen. And if I had any game making skills, I would so make that happen. And if I had better writing skills I would so make it happen that I would use the same phrase three times in my email.

The monsters would need the ability to damage objects. Cars of course, but also buildings and such. And be a bit smarter than they were in Doom.

Brother Dan: I think the enemies would deff be able to damage cars. the ones that don't shoot things would hit it like physical, like running into another car, or like when you hit a car with a bat. and fireballs would hit like small explosions, or set the car on fire. and of course cyberdemons launching actual rockets at you. arch viles scorching the street when they do that lightning thing. everything would be on fire if you stay in one place long enough. like a slow but persistant cop chase all the time.

Me: I'm totally playing it my head right now. And those stupid zombie humans walking around with their shot guns...or the chain gun fucker just jumping around a corner with the gun instantly trained on you. But no problem, you have an AK that can care of him. I think we still need the foul mouthed peds for easy killings and random chatter.

Brother Dan: yeah, those shotgun zombies, you're speeding away and then bam bam you got blasted with a couple shots near point blank as you fly by them and now your car is smoking, damnit

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