Jul 22, 2009

The 70's Tweet

This has been bothering me. Don’t know why, don’t care.

I was watch That 70’s Show a few days ago and Kelso mentions that he once tied a hamster to a balloon with a note on it. “It made it all the way to Minnesota” he says. That is my issue. The shows takes place in Wisconsin; and in my 30 years of living in Minnesota I’ve never heard of a weather event coming in from Wisconsin. It’s always a cold front coming down from Canada, or a blizzard from the Dakotas. Meaning; the weather around here, and most places I assume, works its self west to east. So I don’t see how this ballooned hamster made it to Minnesota.

Isn’t that just the dumbest things to bitch about? Well I don’t care. Suck it.

This post also starts what I hope to be a lame way to have some fun with Twitter. Every time I post here, I send an update via Twitter just so my followers know there is another pot of gold waiting to be read. But now I’m going to start @ing it to a random celeb to see if it gets picked up at all. I got this idea back when all the Michael Jackson stuff was going on. Ryan Seacrest posted a link, but he didn’t use a URL shortening service so it was too long for the tweet. I found what he was trying to link to and tinyurl’d it and RT’d it to him. He then reposted the link, but never gave me the credit or mention for doing so. Bastard. It’s cool, I still love the guy. I just wish I would have used bit.ly so I could see the stats for it.

Today it’s going out to @aplusk because of the Kelso thing.

Ryan makes long post with long link

I correct it

He reposts with MY short link

I’m also just going to email this to Blogger, I still hate their WYSIWYG editor. Hope it looks right when it gets there.

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