Sep 13, 2009

Get it away from my face!

This is an idea, theroy maybe that I've had for a while. H suggested I blog about it; because it'd been super funny. goes, funny.

Something I've realized over my 30 years of life is that my face will tell me just how gross something is, or how much something hurts.

You step in dog poo, it's gross, but you can handle it. Get it on your arm and it's still gross, but you want it off fast. Now, the poo is on your chin, you're probably gagging a little and running to the nearest source of water you can find. Then you can start answering the questions about why you have poo on your chin.

Or, maybe you just smashed your foot in the front door. That sucks, right? You deal with it and go about your day. Smash you hand? Hurts, and you start doing that funny jazz hands thing to yourself; because jazz hands have the magical power to heal ya know. Now, you smash you face in the door and you're screaming like a jerk and maybe crying a little. Again, you'll get to field questions from the gallery about why your face was in the door to begin with.

They are many other scenario's that I can't think of right now because I'm pressuring myself to do so, but you get my point.

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