Sep 11, 2009

1 2 1 2 this is just a test...and some other stuff

I'm really just writing this to see what happens. I just found on Facebook that I can import stories from other website that I use. O.k....I get that I can import my blog posts, but I can import my Picasa and Pandora stories? So I write 90% of my blog posts in Google Docs, I can then push it to my blog directly from Google Docs. So, I'm seeing just how it looks and works with Facebook. I'm then going to upload a photo or two to my Picasa album and see just what the hell Pandora will do.

Something you may not know about me...I love booty bass. The dirty sounds from dirty south. Dj Smurf, 69 Boyz, Hi-Town DJ's and so forth.

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