Mar 12, 2009

I hate 10

Wow, it's been some time now since I've done any blogging. I usually do this in the morning hours at work, and I write it in an email so it looks like I'm doing real work if the boss shows up. Using Google Docs for this home entry. But they've been pimping out my team to other departments for the past few weeks so I've been without the time. So, this entry will contain some info that's a bit old, but if I hadn't said anything, you'd be none the wiser.
So, this is the straw that broke the bus's back. It was five-thirty-one A M this past Monday. I was in my car with my wife waiting for the bus to come. That right there was odd. The bus I take (the 10, from Northtown) is usually there when I get there. It hangs around until five-thirty-nine and then it's off to downtown Minneapolis. So, the bus didn't get there until five-thirty-eight. A rider got off the bus (odd, I've never seen anybody get off at that time) and he was just laughing. Great, a weird-o, just laughing. Then I realize why, the bus driver is not my usual fella. He's one of those drivers that wears the captains hats with a bunch of gold pins on it. I know these types. They think they are the God of bus drivers. Always with this stupid shit-eating grin (I love that phrase, like they really eat shit, and smile about it) and just giddy about the world. He also sat really high in his seat too, like he was above everything. Jerk. O.k....whatever right. I start to doze off almost immediately. I wake up to find were still bumming around Northtown. It's like this shit-eater though idle was the way to get places. I knew right then I was going to miss my connection in Minneapolis. And guess what, I got there just in time to watch my connection drive off. This means I'll be 30 minutes late to work. I won't lose my job over it, but you know, still not cool. This seems to happen at least once every two weeks. This prompts me to look for another route to take. Good move. I find a route that near guarantees me to catch my connection with time to spare. Best part, it's in a ramp! Indoor freaking ramp that's nice and heated, keeps me out of the snow and it good. With that, I decide to find another route home. I get home 15 minutes faster now, and it forces me to walk five blocks. We're a go for exercise!
I'm done typing now. I don't have proper typing techniques so my hands are starting to hurt. I'm going to watch my DVR'd Survivor, Catch the rest of the Wild game. They just scored! M. Bergeron on the power play. It's what he does best. I'm watching the game summary from their site so I'm not sure, but I can bet it was a wicked slap shot from the top of the circle. O.k...I'm off to watch, and get sick from Hawaiian Punch and crackers. Wife is off on a photo shoot in St. Paul, so night to myself. Yes! Writing this while rocking to the Dead Kennedys
LET'S LYNCH THE LANDLORD MAN!! Ok....this time, I'm done.


  1. Holla for excercise! Good luck finding the perfect route home.

  2. Hey X-Country2! Perfect route would be a helicopter. Think I can make that happen? As for exercise, I need all I can get, so I can be conditioned for this spring/summer/fall when the wife and I start our two mile walks. You could probably do two miles in your sleep though. I should stop bitching.


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