Mar 17, 2010

I love my Target, I hate my Target.

Target had its big semi-annual meeting yesterday and I was among the 300 or so “honored guests.” Really, I was part of a project team that got noticed by the upper management so I got to tag along to the meeting. Normally people on the bottom rung of the company don’t get to go. It’s a pretty big deal. They brought in some big names for the entertainment and a couple of other celebrities just say a few words. 3 cheers for big money and contracts!


But the sad thing is I’ve been to meetings like this before and it does the same thing to my every time. The purpose of the meeting is to recap the past performance of our company, look ahead and see when we have planned for the future, and a whole bunch of rah-rah-rah. This is where they get me. They do such a good job of building up the brand that I start to believe that I too can be one of these people. That I’m a mover and shaker that’s just stuck in a grunts body. I leave with this sadness that I will never be what I truly want to be. I want to be able to walk down a store isle and tell somebody that “I made that happen.” Or when I tell my parents about the new rewards program the pharmacy has I can say, I did that. But that will never, ever happen. And I know why. I don’t have a piece of paper that says I’m qualified when in most accounts, I can do the job just as good and anybody else. You can’t put life experiences down on paper. And that’s happened to me. No more than six months ago I was looking at this job, but the HR rep said even though I know you can do the job, you don’t have a two-year degree. I mean I do, I have two even. Just not the right two. I guess it’s not fair to the people who did go to school; but this is MY blog and I don’t have to take that into consideration.


Just like every other meeting, the feeling goes away and I’m back to being happy doing whatever I have to do to get a paycheck. Quicker than usual this time. Maybe because I’m back on the project team for round two and I really like what I’m doing. Even though this will never been seen by anybody outside of Target, it’s fun.


In some weird way this has really started to motivate me and my DJ’ing. With that, I control the message, the output. I can take what I do, and tell people that I did that. Even though most people still don’t fully understand what I’m doing yet.

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