Mar 21, 2010

What a weekend!

The weekend is wrapping up for me so I thought now would be a nice time to have a small recap. Small? I'm too wordy for small.

I had to try and fix my DirecTv DVR for the second time. I got a new unit last week but a similar problem has been creeping in. Watching live TV is fine but when watching a recorded program it starts to skip and glitch. So using the troubleshooting tips given to me from the first time; I went at it with DVR number 2. So far so good.

Later on I get an IM from Brother Dan. We chat a bit and come to the decision that he needs to come pick me up so we can hang out before the show. We head back to his place where he beats my ass in NHL 09. Watched some The Office while we ate and then moved on to Dexter. I just recently started watching and though he would like it too. Good news, he does!

We headed out to the Loft above Barfly. We're going for the live music being performed by DigitalAlchemyEmancipator and BlueTech. They all hang around in the trip-hop, downbeat, IDM genres. I like that stuff, but never really got hard into it. Brother Dan is the driver of that bus. I'm super glad her brought me along because it was an awesome show. Digital Alchemy was hot. Emancipator was a little too downbeat for me. But BlueTech proved why he was the headliner. Sorry but I'm not a great music reviewer so that's the best you're going to get from me. I also saw my friend Paul (DJ Blaze One) so we chatted with him for a while. Got home around 2:30a. That's a good night time if I've ever heard of one.

Sunday morning brought us some delicious McDonalds breakfast. Mmmmmm...fats. Brother Dan came over again, but this time for H. She thinks he looks like Dexter and wanted to photograph him as such. As that was going on I was working on my KMFDM mix. I finally got it done!

Now I'm sitting here writing up my blog and not doing a thing about my hunger. Also got one eye on C-SPAN for the whole health care thing. Other eye on Cops.

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